Labo Mate 300 Semi Adjustable Articulator

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This is non-arcon type articulator which is used both for dentulous and edentulous cases.

The intercondylar distance is fixed for 110mm.

The sagittal condyle path can be adjusted up to 50° for younger generation.

The incisal path table for edentulous jaw is applied to diagnose edentulous jaw. The gauge of sagittal incisal path angle can be adjusted up to 70° forwards and 70° backwards and can accommodate instant resin to construct custom incisal guidance.

The maxillary component opens to rear and can be secured at an angle of 130°.

The articulator includes the optional orientation jig, which can secure the upper and lower jaw casts on to the articulator without using a face-bow.

When positioning the maxillary cast, the articulator can be inverted and placed upright on the three supporting fulcrums of the maxillary component.

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