Miditherm 200mp

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Microprocessor-controlled preheating furnace for crowns, bridges and partial dentures

  • Monitoring of the temperature using a microprocessor in combination with a precision thermocouple ensures that there are no miscasts due to the casting rings being at the incorrect temperature.
  • Four-zone heating, with a max. temperature of 1,100 °C, guarantees uniform heating of the casting rings and consistent results during casting.
  • The heating elements are embedded in robust industrial ceramic – for increased reliability and a long service life.
  • Maximum capacity of the mould chamber:
    32 × size 3 mould
    9 × BEGO large mould former, blue
  • Flexible programming with 4 programmable holding stages per programme, infinitely variable selection of the heat rate from 1–9 °C/Min and 1 speed programme reliably covers all applications in CrCo and crown and bridge work.

Item Code: BEG26155;

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