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The formulation of Self-cure Novacryl -LIQUID AND POWDER- is appropriate for the making and repairing of provisional bridges and crowns that must stay for a short period of time inside the patient’s mouth. Teeth colors are similar to natural teeth shades.


  • A good dimensional stability can be achieved when the right liquid-to-powder ratio is used as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • The natural translucent effect of enamel is achieved with the use of incisal-coloured Novacryl.
  • This acrylic resin does not require heat treatment for its cure.
  • If the impression was made with alginate, wash it with warm water and remove excess of water with a soft air jet.
  • Select the color of Novacryl Powder according to patient’s teeth color.
  • Lubricate the supporting teeth and adjacent gingival tissues with a thin covering of vaseline in order to facilitate the removal of the provisional bridge made of acrylic Novacryl.
  • 60g

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