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OT BAR Multiuse is a bar with two sides, a flat side and a round side, which can be used according to the needs.
If resilience is required, it is placed with the flat side upwards. If a prosthesis with a less resilient function is to be built, it is placed with the round side upwards. If the bar is placed in a single linear section, as in the case of two canines in the incisal area, either side A or B can be used.

If we use the round side upwards, we will obtain an oscillating movement in the distal edentulous area.
In the other version, we obtain resilience in both incisal and distal edentulous areas.

Another alternative is to obtain the superstructure directly on the MASTER model without the duplication.
The CLIP will be retained by the castable housing, guaranteeing, thanks to its tolerance, an adequate and long-lasting functionality.

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