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With its 2.1 mm vertical height and 4.4 mm width, the new OT Equator profile offers the lowest profile and the smallest footprint compared to any overdenture on the market for unthreaded Cad/Cam bars (and present in the major software on the market), and for prefabricated burn-out bars made in the laboratory. The OT Equator profile kit with sheath to be bonded includes the abutment with a threaded pitch of 1.6mm and a Titanium sheath of 2.5mm height and external diameter of 2.2mm, to be bonded. For those laboratories that intend to use the calcinable technique, the kit includes one spacer per sheath. There are 4 types of retentive copings with different degrees of retention available, to be used exclusively with the appropriate container facilitating maintenance by the dental office and laboratory.

In addition to the instruments, black copings are available for exclusive use in the laboratory.

Item(s) Code: RH039SFE2; RH140CEG; RH140CEN; RH140CER; RH140CET; RH140CEV; RH141CAE; RH141CTE; RH760CRD

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