Wax Grid Retention

Options: 2. 100 x 100 mm (10 Sheets)
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Wax grid retentions – for maxillary partial denture frames

  • ➊ Wax grid retentions – permit the simple and effective shaping of retentions to total or partial dentures. They guarantee a high level of security in the connection between the resin and the partial denture plate. The large grid retentions facilitate very economical use of material.
  • ➋ the same as ➊ , but with a larger plate.
  • ➌ Wax diagonal grid retentions – for shaping the retentions for partial dentures. This particularly advantageous shape offers a very high degree of security in the connection between the resin and the dentures.
  • ➍ + ➎ Wax grid retentions with holes – can be used as retentions for partial maxillary dentures and as a reinforcement for acrylic full maxillary acrylic dentures.

Item Code: BEG40039; BEG40062; BEG40066;

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