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Wirovest®plus – Enhanced version of Wirovest® partial denture investment material

  • Wirovest®plus offers the benefits of extended working time and universal suitability for duplication within all conceivable areas of indication.
  • Wirovest®plus is a partial denture investment material which achieves excellent accuracy of fit with a wide range of duplication techniques and working parameters.
  • Extended working time enables fabrication of several models and moulds in a single working step, thus saving time.
  • Very smooth surfaces ensure equally smooth casting results.
  • Precise duplicate models with high edge strength make for easy modelling and exactly fitting castings, without the need for timeconsuming finishing.
  • The good deflasking properties reduce the effort required in deflasking and simplify the cleaning of the cast object.
  • BegoSol® Mixing liquid for simple expansion control.

Item Code: BEG54821L

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